Care and Maintenance Guide

ARK Care and Maint Guide

Your porcelain enamel and/or ceramic surfaces have been rejuvenated by highly skilled ARK technicians using the most advanced system developed specifically for this purpose – the internationally renowned and patented ARK Porcelain THERMAL-FUSION process. Utilizing care and maintenance recommendations stated herein will ensure the maximum retention of its superior qualities for many years.

A. The protective paper and masking tape used to cover the walls above the tub should be carefully removed by the customer 24-48 hours after completion of refinishing. ARK personnel do not make a return visit for paper removal.

B. Do not stand, lean, or place objects upon the newly refinished surface until the (7th) day following processing. Bathtub hardware and wall caulking may be installed just prior to use. Note: ARK personnel can also make a return visit to professionally install caulk and a non-slip bottom surface for a fee.

C. Water must not be used on the newly refinished surface until the seventh (7th) day following processing.

D. Following the application of Thermal-Fusion, a chemical reaction with the original enamel takes place. The two surfaces become chemically fused during the next ninety days. Caution must be exercised to prevent damage through abuse.

E. Your bathtub should be maintained in the same manner as factory-applied porcelain enamel. The following recommendations will help keep your bathtub clean and lustrous. Any chemicals chosen for cleaning must first be tested in an inconspicuous area of the bathtub before general use. The use of all chemicals must be immediately followed by a thorough water rinse.

1. Do not allow anything to fall upon or strike the surface.
2. Water must not be allowed to drip from faucets. Such undue pressure can cause the finish to crack and wear prematurely.
3. Clean thoroughly on a regular basis with a non-abrasive liquid, foam, or gel cleanser. Never use an abrasive cleanser or scrub pad on the surface.
4. Mineral stains from limestone or iron in the water can be removed from the surface by the cautious use of a mild acid solution such as a liquid toilet bowl cleanser. Water rinse immediately after use.
5. If you have allowed a dulling film to form from soap and mineral deposits and the surface has lost its glossy finish; removal of the film may be accomplished by either of the following methods:
a. Clean and polish the dulled surface by rubbing briskly with a slightly damp cloth heavily saturated with automotive polishing compound.
b. Rub the surface with a light cleaning solvent such as turpentine. Take caution to properly ventilate the area in order to ensure your personal safety.
6. Cigarette and ink stains generally can be removed by rubbing the stain with toothpaste or auto polishing compound.
7. Bathmats and topical hair strainers may be used, but must be removed immediately following each use.

F. The optional SLIP-GRIP integral safety surface is a slip-resistant aid to stand upon. Bear in mind that water and soap on any surface will contribute to and increase the possibility of slipping. SLIP-GRIP can be cleaned with any non-abrasive liquid, foam, or gel cleanser applied with a soft brush that is gentle enough for use on the body or an automobile finish. Never use an abrasive cleaner of any type as it will reduce the effectiveness of the SLIP-GRIP surface.




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