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Thermal-Fusion is a unique chemical method developed by ARK Laboratory specifically for bathtub and ceramic tiled wall refinishing. The secret lies in the scientifically formulated compounds which become fused to the original porcelain enamel through a molecular reaction. Due to this “chemical welding,” the new finish penetrates and becomes an integral part of the bathtub surface.

Thermal Fusion chart

The newly refinished surface, formed through Thermal-Fusion, is even more chemical and acid-resistant than most original factory applied porcelain enamel finishes. The result is a like-new, glassy-smooth and durable finish, which is easy to clean and also resists the staining effects of water-borne minerals. The compound ingenuity of the Thermal-Fusion process, along with its precise application by experienced technicians, set ARK apart as today’s foremost porcelain refinisher.

The life span of an ARK refinished bathtub is typically equivalent to that of a brand new bathtub; which is estimated at 15 – 25 years. The longevity of the finish will be extended by properly following our care and maintenance guide, repairing any dripping or leaking spouts or handles in a timely manner, and ensuring removal of bathmats after each use. ARK is proud to advise that we have customers that have enjoyed 35 – 40 years of use from our product.


ARK’s Exclusive Enamel – Made in the U.S.A.

ARK manufactures its enamel solely utilizing U.S.A. made components for our exclusive use. Unlike most of our competitors, we never source Chinese or foreign made ingredients in the manufacturing of our refinishing materials. As a result, our customers can expect to receive the highest quality, most durable refinishing product on the market.




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