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Refinish Your Old Bathtub?
Q.  I love my old, extra-long bathtub but the surface is wearing away around the drain and the cast-iron is showing through. In fact, the whole thing looks kind of dull. Can I get it refinished?




A. Jim Wagner, general manager of Ark Porcelain Refinishing Service, thinks there are three reasons to get a bathtub refinished and you’ve got at least two of them. “One is cosmetic—if you want a new color,” he says. “Two, if a tub is damaged or has wear-erosion. And three, old finishes have lead in them and the process of refinishing a tub encapsulates the lead so that it can’t leach out into the water.”

Ark pros use a modified silicon epoxy, available in white and custom colors, and apply it with a compressor-sprayer. They prep your tub by removing all caulk, stripping it of old paint, acid washing it, and then fine sanding it. They also mask your bathroom to protect it from spray. The process takes about three to four hours, and the glaze takes a week to cure before you can get it wet. Wagner says the refinishing lasts about 20 years, depending on how much the tub is used and how carefully it is maintained. He recommends using a foaming or liquid cleanser such as Scrubbing Bubbles.

ARK’s Exclusive Enamel – Made in the U.S.A.

ARK manufactures its enamel solely utilizing U.S.A. made components for our exclusive use. Unlike most of our competitors, we never source Chinese or foreign made ingredients in the manufacturing of our refinishing materials. As a result, our customers can expect to receive the highest quality, most durable refinishing product on the market.



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